The famous Rodeo Drive and the Via Rodeo in Los Angeles is a hotspot for Hollywood celebrities and high rollers from all over the world. The members of the Elite love this place too: for business meetings, conferences, or just for extensive shopping trips and clubbing.


The breathtaking landscape, laidback beach culture and annual carnival makes people call Rio de Janeiro the happiest and most beautiful city in the world. Apparently they have never been to the Favela slums; much like the Elites when they visit the city for recreation or business purposes. They prefer to stay in luxury hotels and resorts along the beaches, in the best areas of the city - protected by armed guards and behind huge walls.


Along with the nearby cities Cannes and St. Tropez, Monaco is the most popular location for the high society in Europe. Whether at festivals, award ceremonies, parties, conferences or just relaxing on the beaches along the Mediterranean Sea - there is always a reason for the Elites to stay in Monaco.


Known as the sin city, this place has to be a paradise for the immoral actions and behaviors of the Elites. The members of the Elite love to gamble, not just with money in the casinos of Las Vegas, they love to play Russian Roulette about the future of humanity too.


It's obvious that the most populated and busiest area in the world would be  a point of interest for the Elite. Ultra modern skyscrapers and shopping malls are located next to the old and traditional designed imperial parks and palaces in downtown; that makes the city not just interesting for business, but also a good place for sightseeing or shopping.


Located in the Rocky Mountains in the middle of nowhere - this quaint mountain ski resort is the perfect place for the Elites to hold secret meetings or to chill out from all the trouble the Freedom forces are causing.


Big money from oil exports financed the construction of most of this desert city along the coast of the Arabian Gulf. Among its oil-funded monuments are gigantic skyscrapers, malls and hotels as well as exhibition and conference halls. The convention center is often used by the Elite for all kind of meetings, expositions and conferences - it is located on an artificial island and very easy to protect, that's why it's perfect for clandestine activities.